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To Prevent CKD Worsening, Do Not Ignore Cardiovascular Disease

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To Prevent CKD Worsening, Do Not Ignore Cardiovascular DiseaseOnce diagnosed with CKD, not a few patients begin to worry about their life expectancy. In fact, with proper treatment, it is possible for you to control the disease well and live a normal life. But please do not ignore cardiovascular disease. It is the leading cause of death for kidney failure patients. Now go on reading to learn more information.

All the organs in body need blood to maintain their normal function. When cardiovascular system goes wrong, how do your organs work well?

CKD patients run a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

Normal blood vessels are smooth and stretchy. But for CKD patients, due to high blood pressure, high blood sugar level, deposition of fat and other bad living habits, blood vessels will become narrow and fragile. Besides proteinuria, anemia, disturbance of calcium and phosphorus, water and salt retention, inflammation and malnutrition can speed up the development of cardiovascular disease.

Studies show that in the earl stage of CKD, cardiovascular disease is a hidden danger. With the decline of kidney function, cardiovascular disease may erupt suddenly.

What precautions you should take for cardiovascular disease?

1. To set up the right concept of disease, and to take preventative measures timely. Do not believe that only old people can get cardiovascular diseases. Young people and kidney patients should be careful as well.

2. To control blood pressure and blood sugar level strictly. Kidney patients should control blood pressure into 140/90 mmHg. When urine protein is more than 1g, blood pressure should be under 130/80 mmHg. If you are a diabetic, you had better limit glycosylated hemoglobin to 6.5%.

3. To lower blood cholesterol level. Do not consume too much fat in the daily.

4. To control urine protein, correct anemia and regulate calcium and phosphorus disturbance.

5. To apply anti-platelet medicine. If you have had cardiovascular disease, you can take small dosage of anti-platelet medicine such as aspirin to prevent the disease.

6. To have a good living habit. Smoking, physical inactivity, malnutrition or overnutrition should be avoided.

To prevent cardiovascular disease, do not ignore cardiovascular disease. For more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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