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Two Anti-Hypertensive Drugs Can Reduce Urine Protein

2017-07-09 16:54| Font Size A A A

Two Anti-Hypertensive Drugs That Can Reduce Urine ProteinLong-term uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause kidney damage, but you need anti-hypertensive drugs to control the elevation of blood pressure and prevent further kidney damage. But have you met such a condition: your blood pressure is not high, but your doctor requires you take anti-hypertensive drugs. Do you know why?

The function of some anti-hypertensive drugs are not that simple. There are many kinds of medicines to help you lower blood pressure, among which there are two types. They do not only help you reduce blood pressure, but also decrease urine protein and protect kidney function. They are ACEI and ARBs.

How do ACEI and ARB reduce proteinuria and protect kidney function?

They can obviously expand glomerular revehent artery, reduce pressure in glomeruli, and reduce the permeability of glomerular capillaries to proteinuria so as to achieve the goal of decreasing urine protein.

Proteinuria is an important factor that can worsen kidney function. If you have persistent proteinuria, you should be alert. Therefore, if you have proteinuria accompanied by high blood pressure, you should use ACEI or ARBs. Both for those whose blood pressure is normal, those medications can also be used.

Precautions you should take when you use ACEI and ARBs

-To prevent low blood pressure. Long-term use of ACEI or ARBs may result in low blood pressure, so you should measure your blood pressure regularly. Once there is any problem, tell your doctor immediately. It is better for you to control blood pressure under 130/80 mmHg, but not lower than 90/60 mmHg. If you have diarrhea or dehydration, stop them immediately in case that the blood pressure is too low, resulting in inadequate blood flow into kidneys.

-To pay attention to the elevation of creatinine level. If your creatinine level increases 20% of the normal range, it is acceptable. And the creatinine elevation is usually temporary. It increases obviously in the initial stage, but with time going, it will go back slowly.

-To pay attention to the changes of blood potassium level. Most patients do not have such a change, but for some patients, especially those with renal insufficiency, importance should be attached.

To reduce urine protein, you should not only follow a correct treatment plan, but also follow a healthy lifestyle. In our hospital, we have helped many patients get rid of proteinuria completely. If you are interested in our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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