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Is Potassium 6.5 Dangerous for Patients with Kidney Disease

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Is Potassium 6.5 Dangerous for Patients with Kidney DiseaseIs potassium 6.5 dangerous for patients with kidney disease? The question is concerned by most kidney disease with the condition. Please don’t worry, here you will see the related information and effective treatments.

How serious is potassium 6.5 for renal disease patients?

The high potassium is so dangerous to the patients. Generally speaking, when the potassium level raising to 6.5, the kidney disease patients need to do the dialysis or find other ways to decline the potassium level. If the potassium can not be controlled effectively, the patients may suffer form heart failure or coronary heart disease. So you can understand, the potassium level 6.5 is dangerous sign to the CKD or Kidney Failure patients, and they should find effective ways to lower the potassium level.

Well then, what treatment can be useful without dialysis?

The Chinese Medicated Bath is a special Chinese medical treatment in China, which can discharged a lot of the harmful waste for the kidney disease patients, including of the potassium. It is combined by various kinds of the Chinese medial herbs, so it has a strong effects to the patients. We boil the Chinese medical herbs into hot soup and add 5000ml hot water, then the stage 4 kidney disease patients can soak into the medial bath for 45-90 minutes. So they will sweat a lot, the excess potassium will flow away with the sweat. And the Chinese medical bath also can expand the blocked vessel and improve the whole blood circulation. Beside that, the Chinese medicine can reach to the kidney parts and treat the kidney lesions directly. As long as kidney function get improvement, extra potassium can be lowered naturally.

Where can you get the therapy?

So far, the treatment is only available in our hospital-Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. We are located in Feiyi Road No. 5, Youyi North Street, Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province. If you want to come here, please contact us: or leave a message below directly.

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