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Leg and Foot Swelling in Stage 4 CKD: Causes and Treatment

2015-06-11 10:21| Font Size A A A

Leg and Foot Swelling in Stage 4 CKD: Causes and TreatmentLeg and foot swelling also known as leg and foot anemia, is the most common symptom for patients with kidney damage. When it occurs in Stage 4 CKD, do you know the reasons? Do you know the effective treatments? Now, follow me and find out the answer. Any questions, please be feel free to contact our Online Doctor or email to

Causes of leg and feet swelling

It is well known that our kidneys are important organs that keep our whole body health. It can remove wastes, regulate blood pressure, keep electrolyte and acid-base balance and promote EPO and so on. However, when kidneys are damaged by some factors, kidneys fail to work normally. Then, patients will suffer from the some symptoms or discomforts. As for swollen leg and foot, the symptom can be mainly caused by the following two reasons:

--There is severe kidney damage in Stage 4 CKD. In the stage, the poor renal function is not enough to discharge extra fluid and wastes from the body. Then, more and more fluid will accumulate in the body, triggering swelling.

--Protein in urine is another symptom of kidney disease. Protein has a natural ability to “lock” the water in blood. Protein loss will cause the swelling flowing into tissues from blood, causing swellings.

What treatment can be used for relieving swelling?

Through the above analysis, we can take corresponding treatments according to the causes.

-Control protein in urine.

Protein in urine can be controlled by some medications like ACEIs or ARBs, which ordinarily are used to lower blood pressure, prompt the kidneys to reduce the loss of protein into the urine.

-Improve renal function

Compared to western medicines, we prefer recommending natural treatments, namely Chinese herbal medicines. Herbal medical therapy helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. Many herbs, such as Couch grass, Uva ursi, Java tea, Rehmannia etc. When the damaged nephrons can be repaired, the protein loss will be alleviated and swelling leg will get an relief spontaneously.

By the way, more systemic and natural treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Medicated Bath and so on can be effective to repair kidney damage and improve renal function.

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