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Vitamins and Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

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Vitamins and Stage 3 Chronic Kidney DiseaseAs we all know, vitamins are very essential nutrients to keep our body health, while for patients with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, they are prone to suffer from vitamins disorders which affect people’s overall health. Now, follow me to find out the underlying causes and possible treatment. Any questions, just ask us: or leave a message below directly.

Vitamins D disorders and Stage 3 CKD

Healthy kidneys are rich with vitamin D receptors and play a major role in turning vitamin D into its active form. This process can help balance calcium and phosphorus in your body by controlling absorption of these minerals from the food you eat and regulates parathyroid hormone (PTH). However, when kidneys fail, their ability to activate vitamin D is lost. Because one of important kidney function is to activate vitamin D. Compared to early stage of kidney disease, kidney damage in Stage 3 CKD is moderate. In the stage, patients begin to suffer from some obvious symptoms due to moderate decrease of glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

Vitamin C insufficient and Stage 3 CKD

Vitamin C plays an important part in maintaining our body health. Due to strict dietary restrictions, it is hard to get the sufficient nutritions for patients. The more less vitamins, the more weak immune system.

Well then, facing the condition, how to do?

Actually, the root cause of vitamins disorders for kidney disease patients is the decreased renal function. Hence, as long as we can manage to improve renal function and repair kidney damage, we can relieve the condition. Here we will recommend natural treatment like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. The treatment comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but is different from TCM due to its external application. The treatment can help patients repair kidney damage and recover part of renal function. In addition, our kidney inhered cells have strong self-handling ability, with effective treatment, kidneys will work normally. What’s important, the active ingredients of medical treatment also can supply necessary nutritions to the body.

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