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Hair Loss with Stage 4 Kidney Disease

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Hair Loss with Stage 4 Kidney DiseasePatients with kidney disease may be troubled with a series of discomforts, such as high blood pressure, swollen face, foamy urine, anemia,etc. Also, hair loss will occur with some patients. People may doubt that why one will suffer hair loss with kidney disease, especially with stage 4 kidney disease?

When you progress into stage 4 kidney disease, kidney function will decline to 15%-29%, which means that your kidney can not work well to maintain the normal activity of your body. Kidney function is severely damaged at this stage, the wastes and toxins cannot be discharged and dialysis is the commonly used method to help kidney do this job. While on dialysis, hair loss is more obvious.

The causes of hair loss with stage 4 kidney disease.

Malnutrition. With the illness develops, patients’ diet will be more strict. They are often recommended a low-protein diet in case of increasing the burden of kidney. Enough protein is essential for maintaining healthy hair. Patients on dialysis will suffer from loss of appetite, other elements like calcium, iron, vitamins can also be inadequate. This can also lead to hair loss.

Electrolyte disorder. One of the important kidney functions is to keep electrolyte balance, while the damaged kidney is failed in this function. Zinc is the important electrolyte to hair. Electrolyte disorder will lead to zinc deficiency, which is a cause of hair loss.

Medicines. Patients with stage 4 kidney disease need to take some medicines or reaction drugs to help relieve some symptoms. Hair loss can be attributed to these medicines as a side-effect.

If you are suffering from hair loss with stage 4 kidney disease, you are suggested to go to a dietitian to ask for a proper diet to obtain adequate nutrition, or you can go to a doctor to get some useful suggestions. But the basic method is to focus on the root causes---kidney disease. To find a correct therapy is necessary! The free online doctor is waiting for you if you need some help!

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