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Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease with Anemia

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Chronic Kidney Disease is progressive with the glomerular filtration rate(GFR) changes. At stage 3, the GFR is moderately declined to 30-59 ml/min/1.73m2. With GFR continuously declines, many complications will occur. Anemia is one of the common complications in patients with chronic kidney disease, usually featuring as sallow complexion, pale eye conjunctiva and pale lip.

Kidney plays an important role in keeping the overall health of our body. If kidney is damaged, many functions and many other organs will be affected. Kidney helps filtrating the wastes and toxins and the extra fluid out of the blood and keep balance of fluid and electrolyte as well as acid-base. Another important function of kidney is endocrine function. It can secret renin, prostaglandin, plasmakinin, active vitamin D3, and erythropoietin(EPO), which is relevant to anemia.

The causes of anemia with stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

Because of kidney dysfunction caused by kidney disease, EPO production decreases. The degree of anemia is closely associated with the degree of the impairment of kidney function. This is the main reason of anemia with chronic kidney disease.

Patients with stage 3 chronic kidney disease often has swelling due to water-sodium retention. So the red blood cells and hemoglobin change a lot. When the blood volume significantly increases, blood dilution happens. This is another reason of anemia.

Vitamin deficiency and iron deficiency are also the incentives of anemia. These causes are all contributed to kidney disease. To treat anemia, the basic method is to treat kidney disease.

How to treat anemia with stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

The kidney function decreases when you go into stage 3 chronic kidney stage. At this stage, you can not only control the symptoms but also repair the kidney lesions and improve kidney function. Then how to achieve this goal? Some western countries use drugs or surgery to control the condition, and it receive the effect in a short time but the symptoms will reappear later. Is there a better choice to cure kidney disease?

In recent years, a new Chinese therapy---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has received a lot of praise. It is effective in treating kidney disease and improving kidney function. It is an externally used therapy with no side-effect.

Once your kidney function is improved, symptoms like anemia will be cured naturally. So if you are patients with stage 3 chronic kidney disease, you are suggested to try this therapy. For the follow-up information about this therapy, you can consult the online doctor or leave a message below, they will be glad to help you!

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