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Why Does Kidney Disease Cause Muscle Cramp

2015-01-12 09:39| Font Size A A A

Why Does Kidney Disease Cause Muscle CrampKidney disease patients run high risk for various symptoms and discomforts, including muscle cramp. But some patients do not know how does muscle cramp occur in kidney disease. Here we will introduce the possible causes and natural treatments for your reference. If there is anything do not understand, please email to or leave a message below directly.

As we all know, healthy kidneys are important organs which are endowed with numerous functions. So they play a significant role in keeping our body health. However, for kidney disease patients, their kidneys fail to function well. The following reasons contribute to causing muscle cramp.

Electrolyte Imbalance

In kidney disease, one of causes of muscle cramp is the electrolyte imbalance like low calcium and low potassium. Both calcium and potassium are the minerals that the body needs to work normally, which help the body uses energy and build muscles and make the bone strong. Kidney is the organ that helps to excrete excess fluid, mineral substances and thus maintain balance of fluid, potassium, calcium etc. The failed kidneys cannot function well, the low potassium and low calcium, or fluid retention will occur. Then, patients also suffer from muscle cramp.

Nerve damages

Another cause for muscle cramp in kidney disease is nerve damage. Surely you know kidney is responsible for discharging wastes out of the blood. When kidneys are damaged, watse will build up in blood and this may damage nerve system.

Side effects of medicines

Some medications can produce muscle cramps in the legs or feet as a adverse effects, like diuretics, ACE inhibitors, pain killers, etc.

Well then, how to deal with the condition?

1. Diet therapy-potassium-balanced diet is very important. Besides, low-protein, low sodium diet is also necessary. Wanna an individualized diet plan, please talk with your dietitian or our Online Doctors directly.

2. Treating your underlying kidney disease-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and/or Immunotherapy are recommended to you. More available treatments, please be free to contact us!

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