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Swelling: Does Swelling Severity Indicate Kidney Disease Severity

2013-09-17 17:53| Font Size A A A

Swelling is a common symptom in kidney disease. Then you may ask that how does kidney disease cause swelling and does swelling severity indicate kidney disease severity?

We know that kidneys have the function of removing extra fluid in our body and keep electrolyte balance. Swelling is caused by water sodium metabolism disorder. If one has kidney disease, the excessive fluid and sodium cannot be discharged out or our body and they will be preserved thus causing water-sodium retention and then swelling will occur.

The causes of renal swelling:

- GFR declines while the renal tubular absorbs more fluids relatively thus lead to water-sodium retention.

- One of the functions of kidney is to secrete hormone. If you have kidney problems, because of secretion disorder, water-sodium retention will cause swelling.

- With kidney disease, you will lose a large amount of protein because of proteinuria, leading to hypoproteinemia, which will conduce to the decline of plasma colloid osmotic pressure, then the fluid will transfer into tissue space and thus swelling appears.

However, there are some patients whose kidney inherent cells have already been damaged, but they have no swelling or just with slightly swelling. This is because the reabsorption ability of renal tubular is more worse than GFR, and there is no water-sodium retention.

Different types of kidney disease have different degree of swelling. Though the basis of renal swelling are water-sodium retention and fluids transfer to tissue space, with different emphasis, swelling degree differs. That is to say that there is no direct connection between the swelling severity and kidney disease severity.

Then how to treat swelling effectively? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. This therapy can repair the function of mechanical barrier and electrostatic barrier and eliminate the immune complex deposited in glomerular and thus improve renal vascular microcirculation, thus can improve kidney function. Through this process, swelling can disappear.

Swelling is common but it is not a small problem, though swelling severity do not directly connect with kidney disease severity, it indeed indicates kidney problem. So you should take an early treatment if you have swelling. You can leave a message below if you still have questions!

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