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Can Chronic Kidney Disease Affect the Color of Hair

2014-10-12 10:44| Font Size A A A

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Affect the Color of HairWhether the color of hair is normal is associated with the physical health condition. Thus the color of hair can be regarded as a indicator to reflect physical condition. Well then, can chronic kidney disease affect the hair color?

Actually, the changes of hair color is closely to the age. With aging, people may have white color hair which is a normal physiological phenomenon. Here what we said is not the normal white hair but the “Pathological White Hair”.

In Chinese medicine therapy, the nutrition of hair mainly comes from the blood and is supplied by the healthy kidneys. Therefore, when the kidney fails to work normally, various organs will be affected and numerous symptoms will occur.

As we all know, our healthy kidneys are the important filtering organ and packed with numerous functions. They are responsible to discharge extra wastes and toxins from the body. And they are also in charge of keeping electrolyte levels and minerals balance. However, a person who are diagnosed with kidney disease, their kidney loses these ability due to kidney damage. Once the kidney has something wrong, the patient’s hair color may have the changes.

Grey or white hair

When you have the increased white hair in a short time, it is likely to be caused by the malnutrition such as lack of protein, vitamins, ects. In addition, the emotion of anxiety and nervous will also induce the color change of hair.

Dry and yellow hair

Thyroid hypofunction, severe malnutrition, and severe anemia contribute to causing the decreases of melanin in the body, which can make the black hair become to brown or yellow hair.

Besides the mentioned above, lack of calcium will also cause dry or yellow hair.

To be frank, in addition to the color changes of hair, Chronic Kidney Disease also may lead to hair loss. Amyloidosis disease affects the normal amounts of structure of the proteins in the body. As a result, hair can no longer maintain its health, ultimately resulting in hair loss.

Through the above analysis, we can see that Chronic Kidney Disease indeed can induce the color changes of hair. If you have trouble in dealing with this condition, please talk with our doctors online doctors directly or leave a message below and we will give you reply as soon as possible.

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