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Bubbles in Urine

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There are many causes of bubbles in urine, such as mild dehydration, pregnancy, forceful urination,etc. Another possibility is that over much protein occurs in urine, which is called proteinuria. This often indicate kidney disease.

There are two circumstance of appearing proteinuria. If the bubbles in urine disappear for a while, it is not a sign of kidney disease. It may caused by high-protein intake in diet. When we absorb excessive protein in diet, the extra part will be discharged through urine and bubbles will occur in urine. You do not need to worry about because you can adjust this condition by limit protein intake.

If the bubbles in urine stay for a long time, then it may a indicator of kidney disease. Under the normal circumstance, the glomerular filtration membrane filtrates the metabolic waste and extra water and help preserve the protein in the body. When the glomerular filtration membrane is damaged, large amount of protein will leak out and discharged through urine. It must arouse your attention in this case.

So how to treat bubbles in urine due to kidney disease?

Because the failed glomerular filtration membrane loses the ability of protecting protein from leaking out, the most important thing you should do is to repair the damaged glomerular membrane.

In terms of treatment, you are suggested to take micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy. It is a new Chinese therapy which is different from the traditional one. It is applied externally on the lower back where kidney lies. The herbs which are carefully selected should be finely shattered firstly to reach a good effect on kidney lesions. Then via a permeate device, the pesticide effect can get to the kidney lesions. The main effect of this therapy is to repair the damaged kidney intrinsic cells and rebuild kidney structure.

Once the glomerular filtration membrane is repaired, protein in urine will be reduced and the bubbles in urine will disappear. If you have any question, please contact the online doctors freely!

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