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Creatinine Level in Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

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Chronic kidney disease is a progressive kidney disease. It can be divided into five stages. With the development of the illness, kidney function loses gradually. Creatinine level is an reliable indicator of kidney function. At stage 4, kidney function is severely damaged and creatinine level in stage 4 chronic kidney disease rises too high.

There are two types of creatinine, including serum creatinine and urine creatinine and the former one is commonly used to measure kidney function. Serum creatinine is an easily-measured metabolic product of muscles. Every 20mg muscle metabolism can produce 1 mg creatinine. The normal creatinine level for an adult female is about 45-90u mol/L and 60-110 u mol/L for an adult man. When the creatinine level goes up to 442u mol/L, you have entered stage 4 chronic kidney stage. If you do not take measures to lower creatinine level, you will progress into the end-stage of kidney failure, at which most of your kidney functions have lost.

Treatment for high creatinine

Dialysis:It is an artificial kidney that helps to filtrate the waste product and toxins. With dialysis, the elevated creatinine can be remove from the blood.

Kidney transplant: kidney transplant enables the kidney new functions and it is more effective than dialysis.

Natural therapy: Micro-chinese medicine therapy is a natural therapy which has little side-effect. It is an innovative therapy that is different from the traditional oral medicine. It is an externally used therapy. It aims at repairing the damaged kidney lesions and rebuild the kidney structure and improve kidney function. Once the kidney function is restored, the metabolic waste like creatinine can be discharged and its level will be lowered.

Immunotherapy: it is a therapy that combines Chinese medicine and western medicine. The purpose of it is also to improve kidney function thus to lower creatinine level.

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