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How Does Kidney Disease Affect My Hair

2014-09-06 01:02| Font Size A A A

How Does Kidney Disease Affect My HairEach tissues and organs of our body have the interrelation. And kidney disease is a progressive disease and it can affect our whole body’s function. Well then, how does kidney disease affect our hair?

One of the common performances is hair loss. Can kidney disease cause hair loss? Why? Let’s see the following contents.


For healthy people who do not have chronic kidney disease lose their hair, is usually due to the aging process, stress or heredity. On the contrary, for some kidney disease patients, hair problems can occur before starting or after dialysis. When the illness condition develop into Kidney Failure, patient’s hair will become to be dry and brittle, which is easy to lead to hair loss.


This abnormality usually from malnutrition. Hair is made up of protein, while, for some people with kidney disease, they cannot eat food freely as the healthy ones due to the strict diet restrictions. It is easy to cause malnutrition and cause the further kidney damage. And hair loss will become more serious. Therefore, a proper renal diet contains a good amount of dietary protein and other nutrients that are necessary to help keep hair healthy.

Minerals imbalance

Zinc deficiency us related to hair loss. And people with CKD are at high risk for zinc deficiency for several reasons. A poor nutrition is difficult to meet a person’s daily needs. And other nutrients related to hair changes include the insufficient iron, calcium, and B vitamins.

Lack of water

When kidney disease patients’ urine output is less than before, they are required to limit intake of water. As a result, dry skin and hair problems will occur.

Side effects of medicines

Certain medicines can also cause hair changes. You can ask your nephrologist and nurse to have tests done to determine if medicines you have been prescribed are related to your hair symptoms.

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