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How to Deal with Painful Feet in CKD

2014-08-27 20:27| Font Size A A A

How to Deal with Painful Feet in CKDChronic kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from painful feet. And how to deal with this symptom has been one of urgent problems for them. Here we will recommend a natural remedy which can be a reference for you.

Before knowing the available treatment, we should have a certain understanding how feet pain occurs in kidney disease. In normal condition, our kidneys are in charge of discharging the metabolic waste products and toxins from the body. However, for CKD patients, their kidneys can not function adequately due to decreased renal function. In view of this point, there are several symptoms mainly cause painful feet.

Diabetes--high blood sugar build up in the body and damage the nerves and blood vessels in the feet.

Swelling--water retention in the body can cause swelling on feet and the swollen feet can cause unbearable pain.

Gout--uric acid will accumulate in the joints, particularly in your big toe and cause foot pain.

Well then, how to treat painful feet for CKD patients?

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, many natural remedies are created and widely used in clinic. Here we are willing to share Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy with you.

Through the mentioned above analysis, we can see that the root cause of painful feet is kidney damage. In other word, as long as kidney damage can be repaired and kidney function can be protected, then, kidneys can work normally as they did once.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy not only can control various symptoms, but also can treat kidney disease from the root, namely repair kidney damage. On the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is created and widely used for treating kidney disease. What’s more, it is an external application of herbal medicines. The nurse will put two bags which are full of Chinese medicines on the patient’s lower back (kidney areas). Under help of osmosis device, the active ingredients of Chinese medicine can permeate into kidney lesions directly. These medical ingredients can achieve the goals of dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, and providing nutritions to blood as well as protect renal function. After a period of treatment, the patient’s kidney function can get well improved from the root. Accordingly, pain on foot can also disappear. In addition, Medicate Bath, Foot Bath, Acupuncture are also availiable for you. More detailed info, please email to or leave a message below directly and we will do what we can help you! Good luck!

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