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Gassy Stomach And Kidney Disease: Causes And Treatment

2014-07-18 18:58| Font Size A A A

Gassy Stomach And Kidney Disease: Causes And TreatmentIs there any connection with kidney disease and gassy stomach? Indeed, some kidney disease patients are always complain they have such discomfort but they are not sure the relationship of them. Please don’t worry, here we will give you a detailed explanation.

As a matter of fact, when people speak of having a gassy stomach, they could be referring to several different conditions, such as unhealthy diet, eat too much or greasy, bowel dysfunction and so on. Actually, kidney disease also can induce gassy stomach. Why?

The causes of gassy stomach in kidney disease

Fluid retention is one of the leading causes for kidney disease patients to suffer from gassy stomach. When kidneys fail to regulate the water in the body, it will lead to fluid retention and gassy stomach.

Hyperacidity. Gastrointestinal tract disease is the common complication of kidney disease.

Bad emotion like angry, depress, upset and so on. These emotions can be induced by various symptoms of kidney disease.

Then, is there any treatment to solve this problem?

Lying on the left side provides some degree of relief in some instances, which can encourage the acid flow and may help expedite the expulsion of gas through the colon.

Immersing in a bot bath can sometimes alleviate gassy stomach and pain.

Herbs can sometimes be beneficial when dealing with a gassy stomach. Drinking a tea with herbs such as peppermint, ginger, or garlic may be helpful.

Except for the mentioned above, in our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, Full Bath Therapy is recommended to you. It makes full use of Chinese medical herbs by adding into the bath. On the one hand, the active ingredients of Chinese medicine can break up in the bath water which can be called solution. On the other hand, the effective solution can help patients to expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation and provide the nutritions for the body needs through the hot bath. It not only can elevate the gas in the stomach, but also can protect the kidneys from the root. What is important, compared to taking western medicine, it is more safe, convenient and effective. Wanna know whether it is suitable for you or not? Please attach your medical report to and we will reply you ASAP.

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