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What Does Mean of Colorless Urine

2014-07-08 00:10| Font Size A A A

What Does Mean of Colorless UrineSome people are prone to experience colorless urine and they are very confused and worried. How does it occur? What does mean of colorless urine? Now, let’s have look at the answer.

Urine is a waste product of liquid in our body and produced by our kidneys. Normally, the color of urine is from pale yellow to straw-yellow. If there is something wrong with your body, urine may be present dark yellow, red, brown or tea color and so on. Sometimes, you may notice the urine is colorless. What are the causes of colorless urine?

It is worth nothing that abundant water intake will lead to colorless urine. In this regard, colorless urine may be a normal condition. However, colorless urine is not always normal, in some cases, it may appear as a sign of kidney disease.

In normal condition, blood flows into the kidney through renal artery and then filtered by kidneys. During this process, wastes like creatinine and urobilins are discharged with excess fluids, so our urine appears yellow color. However, when kidney function is affected, these wastes will be failed to be excreted, which can lead to colorless urine directly.

Besides, it may imply that you have diabetes insipidus. In this disease, your body does not produce enough antidiuretic hormone, which is also called vasopressin, or does not respond to the hormone properly. Except for mentioned above, some certain medications, containing diuretics, may make your urine colorless, because they force the body to get rid of extra water.

Then, how to deal with this problem?

To be frank, to treat colorless urine from the root, it is important to enhance kidney function. In order to achieve this goal, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is highly recommended to you at our center point. It can be thought to be a natural remedy for kidney disease patients. And it has won good fame from patients who come from different countries. More details of this therapy, welcome to contact us by leaving a message below or emailing us to

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