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Bubbles in Urine And Itching Legs: Causes and Treatment

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Bubbles in Urine And Itching Legs: Causes and TreatmentWhat cause bubbles in urine and itching skin? For many kidney disease patients, surely they are familiar with them. How these symptoms appear on kidney disease patients? If you are confused or interested in this problem, please read on and find more info. Further help, you are always welcomed to email us to

The causes of bubbles in urine in kidney disease.

As we all know, our kidneys are vital organs for our healthy body, and one of their functions is to purify blood by preserving useful substances and excreting metabolic products, toxins, excess fluid, etc out of the body. Normally, only a small amount of protein in urine can be detected. However, for kidney disease patients, their glomeruli are damaged and they are not able to do this job well. As a result, a large amount of protein will pass through the glomeruli and end up in urine, resulting in protein in urine. To be frank, large amounts of proteinuria can cause foamy urine, also called bubbles in urine.

The causes of itching legs in kidney disease

As mentioned above, our kidneys take in charge of removing metabolic products. When patient’s renal function are affected by their disease, the injured kidney fails to work properly and cause various disorders, like disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, dry skin, accumulation of wastes and toxins and so on. All of these factors work on skin itching in any part of the body.

Then, how to deal with them from the root?

Both bubbles in urine and itching legs are due to decreased renal function. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, many experienced kidney experts devote themself to kidney disease researches. And many natural, effective and characterized treatments are created. At our center point, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are strongly recommended to you. And so far, it is only widely used in China and have treated many patients who come from different countries. It is a creation and innovation based on TCM, but used externally. The active ingredients of Chinese medicine have function of repairing kidney damage and enhancing renal function. All in all, once renal function get well improvement, various symptoms will disappear, including foamy urine and skin itching.

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