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Can Kidney Disease Cause Mental Illness

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Can Kidney Disease Cause Mental IllnessKidney disease is threatening the health of people. Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from renal disease. Can kidney disease cause mental illness? To know the answer, we can read the following content together.

The overview of kidney illness

Kidney disease has some common symptoms and complications which are just as follows:

Swelling (common in face, legs, hands)

High blood pressure

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Kidney cysts

High creatinine levels

Urinary tract infection

Blood urine




Lack of energy

Poor appetite

Insomnia or sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and other mental illness.

With the delay of illness condition, patients may suffer from the serious disease such as kidney failure and even uremia. Therefore, kidney disease can cause immune system disorders and mental illness.

How to treat renal disease?

To be honest, to treat renal disease, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be your best choice.

Firstly, blocking kidney fibrosis.

Herbal medicine has the magic function of dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, eliminating toxins and metabolism.

Secondly, restoring renal lesions.

By removing blood stasis, rebuilding kidney structure, providing nutrients for damaged kidney tissues, increasing blood flow.

Finally, improving renal function.

Some herbal medicine has the magic function of enhancing immunity and promoting DNA duplication and relieving symptoms of illness condition.

Through a series of comprehensive treatment, patients’ illness condition can be better. If they continue to use this therapy, kidney illness can be treated gradually.

Any questions about kidney illness or other troubles? We will help you to get rid of illness condition is you would like to let me know. You can email us: or chat with the online renal experts. We will be pleased to help you and provide you with the satisfying answer.

Best wishes for you and hope you can regain health.

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