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Why Chronic Kidney Disease Causes Itchy Skin

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Why Chronic Kidney Disease Causes Itchy SkinChronic kidney disease can cause a series of complications, and itchy skin is one of the main manifestations. In clinic, many patients with chronic kidney disease complain that itchy skin is bothersome and even can sleep the whole night. So why chronic kidney disease causes itchy skin? Kidney disease experts suggests that it is relevant to the following factors.

Why Chronic Kidney Disease Causes Itchy Skin

Protein will produce nitrogenous waste product when it is broken down in the body. Damaged kidneys fail to remove these waste from our body and they will build up in the blood, thus to stimulate the skin, causing itching feeling.

Patients with chronic kidney disease are often with electrolyte metabolic disturbance. Hyperparathyroidism is one of the complications of chronic kidney disease, which can lead to hypercalcemia. The accumulation of calcium in the blood also can result in itchy skin. In addition, dry skin caused by sebaceous gland and sweat gland shrinking will also increase itchy skin.

Chronic kidney disease will involve neuropathy, which will cause itchy skin. This kind of itch is called neuropathic itchy skin disease.

Some patients with chronic kidney disease are prone to allergic, which will rising itchy skin. It can be eased by taking some antihistamine drugs.

Itchy skin is an annoyed problem to patients with chronic kidney disease. Is there any way to alleviate this symptom? Of course there is.

Tips for itchy skin caused by chronic kidney disease

Limit protein intake. Metabolic waste that protein produce like nitrogen will increase with the increased protein intake. So patients are suggested to take less protein food or high quality food like animal protein.

Enhancing kidney function. The root cause of itchy skin of chronic kidney disease patients is that their kidneys have been damaged. The filtration function is decreased. To treat kidney problem is the most basic method to itchy skin.

There is also some natural therapy for itchy skin, like medicated bath. It is comfortable and convenient. If you want to know more about medicated bath, send message to or leave a message below!

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