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Why ESRD Patients Suffer Itching

2014-06-16 23:37| Font Size A A A

Why ESRD Patients Suffer ItchingWhy ESRD patients suffer Itching? Here we will help you to get a well understanding about its causes and available treatments.

ESRD is short for end stage renal disease, and it indicates that kidney almost lose all abilities and GFR is less than 15ml/min. With decline of kidney function, patients will suffer many discomforts and skin itching is one of most common symptom in stage 5 kidney disease.

Now, let’s have a look about causes of skin itching in ESRD.

1. Disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, like hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia. Hyperphosphatemia is especially associated with the skin itchy. Excessive phosphorus cannot be removed out from the body effective due to impaired kidney function. And they will deposit in the skin, causing skin itching.

2. Dry skin. For ESRD patients, impaired kidney fails to secrete enough oil and moisture to moisturize skin. With decrease of moisture, it is easy to cause dry skin, while dry skin is also an important part of resulting skin problems in kidney disease.

3. Accumulations of toxins. Normally, healthy kidneys are responsible for eliminating wastes and toxins from the boy, while for patients with this stage renal disease, their kidneys indeed cannot function adequately. As a result, a large amount of toxins, such as urea acids, creatinine, PTH phenols, etc, will build up in the body which can cause damages to various systems. Furthermore, a small amount of toxins can be discharged from skin with the sweat and cause skin itchy.

Then, how to deal with skin itchy in ESRD?

1. Control phosphorus level. A renal diet that limits foods high in phosphorus is prescribed. As for how much phosphorus you can consume in a day, you can talk with our online experts according to your condition.

2. Patients should wipe skin with a warm water regularly, which can keep skin clean and reduce skin itchy to a certain degree.

3. Besides, at our center point, we are strongly recommended our characterized therapy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. According to clinical practices, it is a more safe, effective and convenient methods to eliminate various symptoms and enhance kidney function. If you are interested in this therapy, you can leave a message below, or attach your medical report to, and we will recommend an individualized advice.

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