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How CKD Causes Renal Anemia

2013-09-04 17:55| Font Size A A A

ckd cause renal anemiaJust as its name implies, renal anemia is caused by kidney damage, which reason is often ignored by people. But it is really a serious complication of CKD when it goes into the end-stage. Renal anemia worsens with the deterioration of kidney function. When kidney function is severely damaged, serum creatinine level is more than 308 u mol/L, renal anemia appears. So what factors can CKD lead to renal anemia?

Erythropoietin declines

Because of kidney function damage, the total amount of erythropoietin generated by kidneys is insufficient to meet body’s need. This is one of the main causes of renal anemia.

Waste product and toxins

With the secretion and excretion function of kidneys, the metabolic wastes and toxin are discharged out of our body through urine. At the same time, kidney produces hormone like erythropoietin. The damaged kidneys are not able to remove the waste product and toxins from our body and their building up in the blood will interfere with the produce and metabolic of erythropoietin. Thus arousing renal anemia.

Nutrition deficiency

Patients with CKD keep a low protein diet for a long time, which can reduce the synthesis of protein in the body. In addition, patients are often with anorexia and poor intestinal absorption, leading to nutrition deficiency, which can cause the lack of hematopoietic raw material, like iron, folate, and protein.


Patients with CKD especially chronic kidney failure are prone to bleeding. This is because patients with kidney failure can not discharge guanidine and polyphenol through urine. These substance not only cause coagulation abnormalities, but also to increase capillary fragility. So patients often have nosebleed,gingival bleeding, subcutaneous hemorrhage and gastrointestinal bleeding. This chronic bleeding will ultimately lead to severe anemia.

Once CKD patients are complicated by anemia, the external features will appear like pale complexion, pale lip and decrease of hemoglobin. If you have any of these symptoms, you should go to a doctor to see if it is renal anemia caused by kidney damage. You are suggested to take an early treatment to prevent CKD patients getting worse.

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