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Muscle Contraction And End Stage Kidney Disease

2014-06-03 20:45| Font Size A A A

Muscle Contraction And End Stage Kidney DiseaseIs there a connection between muscle contraction and end stage kidney disease? If you have such a doubt, please read on to get the answer.

End stage kidney failure means that the kidneys are severely damaged. And most of the patients have less than 14% kidney function and there are excessive accumulation of toxins in the body due to severe kidney damage, thus causing various discomforts, including muscle contraction.

How does it affect muscle contraction?

The major reason is malnutrition. For patients with severe impairment of kidney, they have to follow a strict diet and take many treatments, like dialysis. Generally, malnutrition or unbalanced nutrition structure leads to insufficient body protein.

The other reason is that there is phosphorus retention in the body. Ratio of calcium and phosphorous is always kept in a stable range by healthy kidneys. However, in end stage kidney failure, the kidneys fail to discharge excess phosphorus which can lead to hypocalcemia, as a result, muscle problems will occur.

Besides, no exercise or little exercise is also the necessary reason for the occurrence of muscle contraction.

Then, how to deal with this illness condition?

For end stage renal disease patients, eating foods rich in calcium and high-quality protein is very beneficial. However, it is just a adjuvant therapy rather than a radical treatment. To get muscle problems managed well, improving kidney function from the root is of great importance.

Here, Hot Compress Therapy is recommended to you. This therapy is an advanced natural therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine and differs from the traditional one, as it is used externally. It contributes to repairing the damaged renal tissues, promoting blood circulation and enhancing kidney function by applying Chinese medicine bags on Shenshu acupoints. And the effective ingredients of Chinese herbs can enter into kidney lesion and provide enough oxygen and nutrition for the kidney. Once kidney function is recovered, various symptoms including muscle contraction will be improved.

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