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What Can You Do If You Have Severe Edema in Stage 4 Renal Failure

2014-06-03 03:06| Font Size A A A

What Can You Do If You Have Severe Edema in Stage 4 Renal FailureSevere edema is commonly seen in stage 4 kidney failure. If you have no idea about how to deal with it, you’d better read the following passage carefully.

To know what you can do, firstly, you should know the causes of swelling. People with stage 4 kidney failure has a severe renal damage and the GFR level is 15~29ml/min. With decline of renal function, the kidneys will fail to work properly. And causes of severe edema are mainly shown in two aspects:

1. Fluid-sodium retention.

2. Heavy loss of protein in urine.

Then, how to deal with severe edema?

A healthy diet

A healthy and reasonable diet plays an important role in alleviating symptoms. In order to eliminate edema, you should have a low-sodium diet. Besides, you should limit ingestion of water to prevent worsening of illness condition.


The physician will also prescribe diuretics, ACEIs or ARBs to help eliminate excess fluid that retained in the body and help control high blood pressure.

Avoid strenuous exercises

If you do some strenuous exercise, swelling in any parts of your body will become more serious.


Dialysis can eliminate it to a large extent. However, no one wants to experience dialysis because of its side effects. More importantly, dialysis is not able to solve kidney disease from the root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Compared with dialysis, this therapy is commonly used to deal with kidney problems. It makes full use of Chinese herbs and Western technology to repair impaired kidney tissues and improve kidney function. What’s more, it is different from traditional Chinese medicine, because it is an external applying of Chinese herbs instead of taking it orally. If you are not satisfied with the current treatment for your severe edema, you can talk to Live Doctor directly or email us the medical report to, and we will give you more treatment options according to your illness condition.

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