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What Are BUN And Creatinine Levels in Stage 4 Kidney Disease

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What Are BUN And Creatinine Levels in Stage 4 Kidney DiseaseBoth BUN and creatinine level are usually taken as reliable indicators to reflect kidney function. Then, what are their levels in Stage 4 Kidney Disease?

BUN stands for blood urea nitrogen which is a metabolic byproduct from the breakdown of protein. And it is a measure of the urea level in the blood. It can become elevated if the kidneys are’t functioning properly. If kidney problems are the main concern, when your blood is tested for urea nitrogen levels, it is also tested for creatinine level. Creatinine is a chemical product that’s produce by your muscles and to a smaller extent by eating meat.

What are their normal ranges

Normal ranges of blood urea nitrogen are between 10~20mg/dL for an adult and 5~18mg/dL for a child. For creatinine level, its normal range is 0.5~1.1mg/dL in female and 0.6~1.2mg/dL in male.

BUN and creatinine level in stage 4 kidney disease

A person with Stage 4 CKD has advanced kidney damage with a severe decreased GFR which is about 15~29ml/min. As kidney function declines, waste products and toxins will build up in the blood and high BUN and elevated creatinine level will occur. Some dates have shown that creatinine level is about 442-707umol/L in stage 4 kidney disease.

The more serious kidney function declines, the higher levels of them are. To reduce their high levels, the primary method is to enhance kidney function. You can do the following things so as to improve kidney function.

1. Change your diet.

2. Avoid strenuous exercises

3. Take some certain medications under a doctor’s guidance. Here, you can talk with our doctors online to learn more about the details.

4. Blood Pollution Therapy

This therapy is strongly recommended to you, because comparing with Western mediations, it can enhance kidney function from the root and has few side effects. The therapy is a perfect combination of blood purification and Chinese medicines. It can achieve the goal of repairing damaged kidney cells and tissues through cleaning blood. And it can provide essential nutritions to blood and promote blood circulation. Are you interested in this therapy? You are always welcome to leave a message below or email to

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