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Why Do CKD Patients Experience Oliguria

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Why Do CKD Patients Experience OliguriaWhy do CKD patients experience oliguria? What does oliguria imply? Many people have doubts about this. For these questions, maybe you have searched large amounts of information on the Internet. Have you got a good understanding? If not, we will explain the causes and recommend some therapies for you.

The meaning of oliguria

Oliguria refers that urine output within 24hours is less than 400ml rather than no urine output. It is commonly seen in heart, kidney disease and shock patients.

How does kidney disease cause oliguria?

It is necessary to firstly know about what causes the decline of urine volume so as to take more targeted and effective treatments. More information, please email to, and we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

As we all know, kidney is responsible for producing urine. If you suffer chronic kidney disease, your kidney are damaged more or less. Kidney disease patients will experience oliguria when kidney fails to work adequately. With decline of kidney function, extra fluids, waste products and toxins in the body cannot be discharged from the body timely. In the long run, kidney function can be decreased very largely, thus leading to decreased urine volume. If kidney disease develops into stage 4-5 kidney disease, oliguria (<400ml/d) or even anuria (<100ml/d) will appear.

How to solve oliguria in kidney disease?

Diuretics are often the first choice to increase urine output, but they cannot deal with oliguria from the root and have some side effects. Compared with diuretics, Chinese medicine treatments are more safe and effective to solve oliguria and improve kidney function. Chinese medicine treatments are created on the basis of TCM. These therapies aim at repairing damaged kidney tissues and enhancing renal function, like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath and so on. As long as kidney function is improved, oliguria will be improved. Besides, all of these therapies are the external application rather than taking orally. And they have been widely used in China and won a good fame from patients who come from different countries.

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