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What Herbal Supplement Can I Take for Mild Kidney Disease

2015-10-03 11:17| Font Size A A A

What Herbal Supplement Can I Take for Mild Kidney DiseaseHerbal supplement is widely used for treating various diseases without any side effects if you take them under the doctor’s guidance. However, for patients with mild kidney disease, what herbal supplement can they take? Now, let’s have a look.

Mild kidney disease means that patients’ kidneys are damaged mildly, namely Stage 1 CKD or Stage 2 CKD. In the stages, most patients are asymptomatic, while a quite number of patients also can suffer from symptoms like high blood pressure, fatigue, back pain, etc. That’s because the impaired kidneys cannot function effectively, causing accumulation of toxins and wastes in the body. In the condition, the following herbals supplement can be recommended to patients.

Dandelion Root Tea

The herbal tea is able to increase the output of patients’ urine and more toxins and wastes can be excreted via urine. Because it is a natural diuretic which is good for kidney disease patients.

Nettle leaf tea

The tea is conducive for kidneys, because it cannot only can improve patient’s kidney function but also can help lower high creatinine level. Generally speaking, one or two cups of herbal tea on daily is recommended for patients with kidney damage.

Maikang Composition

It is a type of Chinese patent medicine which taken by oral. It can help expand blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, thus increasing blood flow to the kidneys. Only kidneys get enough blood and oxygen, can patients get the chance to repair kidney damage and improve renal function.

In addition, aside from herbal supplement, Diet supplement is also essential for protecting kidney from the further damage. If you get more help and guidance through contacting our online doctor or emailing to us at

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