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Is Cabbage Good for People with Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-04-27 16:29| Font Size A A A

Is Cabbage Good for People with Chronic Kidney DiseaseA healthy diet is very important for people with Chronic Kidney Disease, as it can help slow down the deterioration of kidney function largely. Then, is cabbage good for people with CKD?

As a common vegetable in temperate countries, it can either be cooked or made into salads. According to the research, cabbage is consisted of many nutritions and minerals, such as, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium, calcium and so on. And the followings are some the benefits:

Alleviate anemia

In normal condition, kidneys are responsible for the production of EPO, which has close connection with red blood cells. However, in CKD, anemia will occur due to a drop in kidney function. In this case, this vegetable can be added to the diet, as it is loaded with folic acid.

Boost immunity

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and other vitamins, and it can play remarkable antioxidant and anti-aging effect. In this regard, eating it in moderation can help boost immunity and prevent colds.

Help with digestion

This vegetable is high in fiber. And it is proved that it can help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. In this way, certain amount of toxins can be removed out of the body.

Prevent bone disease

As CKD progresses, patients may be plagued by bone problems. And right amount of cabbage can help prevent bone disease to a certain extent, as the vitamin K present in this vegetable can help maintain bone density and lower the risk of bone fracture.

Even if cabbage can benefit CKD patients in many aspects, it is necessary to ask for doctors’ help before eating. If you want to know more dietary tips, please click the Free Online Doctor immediately! Wish you a good day!

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