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Is Broccoli Good for CKD Patients

2014-04-22 03:32| Font Size A A A

Is Broccoli Good for CKD PatientsBroccoli is a common vegetable on our tables not only because of its good taste but its high nutritional value. However, is broccoli good for CKD patients? You will know the benefits and defects of broccoli to CKD patients from the following contents.

Control blood pressure

High blood pressure can do harm to kidney and heart, so it is very important for CKD patients to control blood pressure, in case of heart disease and deterioration of kidney disease. In this regard, patients can add broccoli into their diet, since flavonoid in this vegetable can regulate blood pressure.

Regulate blood glucose

The glomerulus can be strained under long-term of high blood glucose level. Thus, to improve patients’ condition, patients should eat some foods to reduce blood glucose level, such as broccoli. This vegetable is a kind of high-fiber food, which can suppress the absorption of glucose, so it can improve patients’ condition.

Prevent thrombus

This vegetable can help patients clean the blood vessels, prevent cholesterol oxidation and stop blood platelet coagulation. In this way, it protects patients from thrombus.

Enhance immunity

This vegetable is rich in vitamin C, which can enhance patients’ immunity. Thus, it can help patients guard against various infections.

However, there are some points that patients should pay attention to.

1. Don’t cook it for a long time, as some nutrients may be destroyed in this process.

2. Dip the vegetable in water for a half hour before cooking, as is difficult to wash clean the pesticide on it.

3. Patients should be cautious of some elements in this vegetable, such as phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Too much of these elements accumulating in patients’ body can worsen their condition.

If patients can eat broccoli in a right way, it can benefit patients a lot.If you want to know more about broccoli or other vegetables good for CKD patients, you can email us

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