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How to Lower High Phosphorus Level in CKD through Diet

2014-04-20 23:41| Font Size A A A

How to Lower High Phosphorus Level in CKD through DietIf you happen to be a CKD patient with high phosphorus level, the following dietary advice may helpful to you.

Hyperphosphatemia is a condition that too much phosphorus is accumulated in blood. Though it is asymptomatic, it can induce many other sufferings to patients, such as joint pain, itchy skin and bone fracture. What’s more, it can worsen patients’ condition and lower their life quality. Thus, it is necessary for CKD patients to take measures to relieve this condition.

◆Some kinds of meat, such as salmon, halibut, organ meats, sardines, pork, lamb and poultry, should be avoided.

◆Choose certain kinds of vegetables, such as potato, squash, cabbage and beets. Sprouts, cucumbers and tomato are better choices, as not only they are low in phosphorus, but also they help reduce it.

◆Eat foods rich in calcium. These foods help to lower phosphorus level and also help to prevent bone disease.

◆Foods containing vitamin D benefit CKD patients a lot. They have the effect of balancing calcium and phosphorus and preventing hyperphosphatemia. What’s more, they also can enhance patients’ immunity.

◆Drink more fluids, such as water, ginger ale, lime soda and root beer, as they can help ease patients’ condition. However, they had better not drink cola drinks, which may lead to adverse effects.

◆Stop eating processed foods. Patients’ condition will get worse, if they take too much of these foods.

Most of foods contain phosphorus, so CKD patients with high phosphorus level should pay close attention to their diets. However, a strict diet may induce malnutrition, which also can worsen their condition. Therefore, if you can’t balance the benefits and risks, you can email us at for professional help. We can give you personalized advice on your condition.

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