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Is Onion Good for Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-04-18 23:08| Font Size A A A

Is Onion Good for Chronic Kidney DiseaseFor people with chronic kidney disease, they are usually suggested to eat some fresh fruits and vegetables. As a common vegetable in daily life, is onion good for CKD?

In this disorder, kidneys fail to play their roles as normal due to a drop in kidney function. Gradually, a range of symptoms including high blood pressure, swelling, etc will occur. To lower the burden of kidneys, it is of great importance to follow a diet low in salt, protein, potassium, fat and phosphorus.

Is onion good for chronic kidney disease?

According to the statistics, per 100g onion contains 88g fluid, 1-1.8g protein, 0.3-0.5g fat, 5-8g carbohydrates, 12mg calcium, 46mg phosphorus, 0.6mg iron and so on. If eaten in moderation, the following benefits can be achieved.

Lower blood pressure The prostaglandin A presenting in onion is proven to help dilate blood vessels, reduce blood volume in peripheral vascular, lower blood pressure and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Treat diabetes The organic matter of onion can also help lower blood sugar level. Whether eaten raw or cooked, the therapeutic effect is the same. And the amount can be controlled within 25-50g per meal.

Cancer prevention and anti-aging This vegetable contains certain amount of selenium, which can be used to remove the free radicals in human body and increase the metabolic ability of cells.

Kill bacteria and prevent influenza This vegetable is proven to have the effect of killing bacteria and preventing flu or influenza.

Diuresis effect In addition to the above benefits, it can also help remove toxins out of the body to some extent.

However, if patients are suffering from itchy skin, eye disease or gastrointestinal disorders and so on, special attention should be paid.

Eating onion in right amount is good for chronic kidney disease patients. If you want to know more dietary advices, please email to now!

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