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Diet for CKD Patients with Gout

2014-04-18 20:40| Font Size A A A

Diet for CKD Patients with GoutGout is a condition characterized by recurrence of acute inflammatory arthritis, which often attacks CKD patients. There is some dietary advice for them to ease their suffering.

For CKD patients, their kidneys failing to excrete the uric acid is the primary reason for gout, so foods that can elevate uric acid level should be limited.

Limit on high-purine foods

Patients should avoid animal organs, which have relatively high purine content. To get enough protein-supply, patients can have limited amount of meat, which is relatively low in purine, such as codfish and flounder. Besides, milk and cheese are good choices as protein-supplement, as they are low in purine.

Cut back on fat

Fat, especially saturated fat lowers the kidney’s ability to eliminate uric acid. What’s more, high-fat meals also contribute to obesity, which is closely related to gout.

Choose complex carbohydrates

Patients should eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Control the blood glucose in a reasonable level, as blood glucose level has close relations with uric acid level. Insulin resistance can induce purine metabolic disorders.

Drink right amount of water

Drinking more water can help patients eliminate more uric acid, while dehydration can aggravate gout. However, if patients have high blood pressure or swelling, too much water consumption can exacerbate these symptoms. Right amount of water intake is very important for these patients. Well, if you are concerned by this condition, you can consult our online doctors for advice.

In addition to the above advice, there are some nutrients and foods are recommended to CKD patients with gout.

Folic acid: It can reduce the production of uric acid, as it can lower activity of the enzyme in its production.

Alkaline foods: These foods not only have low protein content, but also help reduce the uric acid level. Patients can add these foods in their diet, such as leaf mustard, cauliflower, kelp and radish.

Vitamin E: It can help to reduce the inflammation in patients’ body so as to ease patients’ suffering.

We hope the above information can help you rationalize your diet, while if you want more personalized advice to ease the suffering of gout, you can email us at

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