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Can CKD Patients Eat Olive Oil

2014-04-18 10:48| Font Size A A A

Can CKD Patients Eat Olive OilFor CKD patients, many unhealthy foods can aggravate their condition, so they should follow a restricted diet. Well, can they eat olive oil? Read this article and you can find the answer.

Prevent cardiovascular disease

Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acid, which is a kind of healthy fat. By relaxing blood vessel and easing the burden of heart, it can prevent heart disease. What’s more, omega-3 fatty acid can lower the content of metaglobulin and blood platelet in blood, so it can reduce risk of thrombus.

Strengthen bone

Vitamin D in olive oil can stimulate the absorption of calcium, which is a basic element of bone. Bone disease afflicts many CKD patients in advanced stage, so they can add it to their diet to alleviate their symptom. In addition, omega-3 fatty acid can maintain bone mineral density, preventing osteoporosis.

Provide energy

Lots of high energy foods are restricted to CKD patients, as these foods may high in bad fats or cholesterol. Thus, they may not get enough energy. However, olive oil is rich in energy and it doesn’t contain bad fats or cholesterol. In this regard, it’s a good choice for CKD patients.

Though there are many benefits of this vegetable oil, two elements in it may have negative effects on their condition.

1. Sodium is strict on CKD patients, as it can cause fluid retention or worsen high blood pressure.

2. Though Vitamin D can promote calcium absorption but it also helps absorb phosphors. If your medical report shows high phosphors level, you’d better avoid eating too much this vegetable oil and foods loaded with phosphors.

If you still don’t know whether you can eat olive oil or not, or how much you can eat, you can contact our online doctor who can give you personalized advice.

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