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Is Mango Good for CKD Patients

2014-04-09 20:09| Font Size A A A

Is Mango Good for CKD PatientsMango, known as king of the tropical fruit, is rich in sugar, fiber, protein, fat and vitamins. Is mango good for CKD patients? There is a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and risks of mangoes.

As mentioned above, mangoes are high in energy and vitamins. The followings are the detailed reasons why these contents in mangoes are good for kidney patients.

High in energy: CKD patients may need to keep a diet for maintaining their kidney function. Without enough energy, they can’t support their basic life support and keep a healthy weight. In this case, foods, like mango are high in carbohydrates (sugars and starches) fat are wise choice for them.

Rich in vitamins: Due to dietary restrictions and poor appetite, patients may be short of some necessary vitamins. Vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K are all contained in mangoes, so it can be a supplement for CKD patients. These vitamins can help alleviate or prevent some disease, while overdose of these vitamins induce new healthy problem.

Though mangoes have some kidney-friendly contents, patients still have to be cautious when they eat mangoes, as some elements in mangoes may over burden the kidney. Whether you can eat mangoes or not is depended on your own condition. You can email your detailed information to us Our nephrologists will give you professional answer.

Contain plant protein: Plant protein is not high quality protein, which is good for CKD patients. Plant protein can’t be fully used and some of them will be decomposed to produce energy, in which process urea will be produced. Kidney will be strained to filter more waste.

High potassium content: Mango is rich in potassium, which is an important mineral in our body, which is related to nerve and muscle function. Hearts keep a normal rhythm, when potassium at a right amount in our body. What’s more, potassium is also necessary for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance and pH level. In early stage (1, 2) of CKD, patients can choose some foods high in potassium, while in advanced stage (4,5), high potassium foods are not recommended for patients, as high level of potassium may cause sever heart disease, increasing mortality rate.

The above is a general analysis of contents in mangoes, while this article not includes are the all contents in mango. If you have more detailed question, please consult our online doctors!

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