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How to Design A Low Protein Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

2014-04-04 18:36| Font Size A A A

For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, a low protein diet is helpful to delay it’s progression. However, patients have known little about how to design a low protein diet. Have an interest? Please follow me to find the answer.

Honestly speaking, as the condition varies from person to person, the specific intake should be different.

1. For people with chronic kidney disease not caused by diabetic nephropathy, in stage 1 and stage 2 of CKD, the daily intake of protein foods can be 0.8g/kg per day. In stage 3, the quantity should be 0.6g/kg. However, if the GFR is below 25, the amount can be decreased to 0.4g/kg. In the meanwhile, the intake of heat can be controlled at 30-35kcal/kg. In addition, when there is high phosphorus level, the intake of phosphorus should be restricted within 800mg/d.

2. For diabetic nephropathy patients, once proteinuria occurs, the amount of protein should be limited at 0.8g/kg. If the glomerular filtration rate declines, 0.6g/kg protein per day is ok. For Type 2 diabetics, the ingestion of heat should be restricted moderately.

3. For patients on maintenance hemodialysis, the amount can be adjusted to 1.2g/kg, if there is acute disease, it should be increased to 1.3g/kg; For people on peritoneal dialysis, the quantity can be controlled within 1.2-1.3g/kg. And the ingestion of heat can be 35kcal/kg. Additionally, it is also necessary to supply enough vitamins and folic acid.

Except for the above-mentioned tips, it is also necessary to pay enough attention to the adjustment and supplement of fluid, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. For personalized tips, please firstly send us your test report Then our experts will reply you early.

If you or your beloved one happen to be a person with chronic kidney disease, we do belive the tips concerning how to design a low protein diet can be helpful. Any doubts, please fill in the form below!

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