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Is It OK to Eat Kiwi Fruit with CKD

2014-03-29 01:36| Font Size A A A

Is It OK to Eat Kiwi Fruit with CKDGenerally, Chronic Kidney Disease patients are recommended to eat some fresh fruits and vegetables. As a delicious fruit, kiwi is commonly seen in green grocery. Well, is it ok to eat kiwi fruit with CKD?

To be honest, whether people with CKD can eat kiwi fruit is determined by patient’s illness condition. After careful research, experts and dietitians of our center have concluded the following pros and cons:

Pros of eating kiwi fruit

Anti-cancer: It has been demonstrated that content of flavonoids and carotenoids in this fruit can help prevent DNA from being injured, thereby, cancer can be prevented.

Help with digestion: According to the research, kiwis are good for the excretion of toxins in the body. Meanwhile, it also works to prevent constipation and intestinal problems.

Strengthen immunity: Due to high contents of vitamin C and antioxidant supplement, it can also help boost patients immunity to a large degree.

Additionally, this fruit is also beneficial for cardiovascular health and regulate blood pressure.

Cons of consuming kiwi

In advanced stage of chronic kidney disease, the diseased kidneys will not be able to maintain the balance of water and electrolytes. For instance, extra potassium will build up in the body, resulting in high potassium level. If patients eat too much kiwi fruit, the potassium level will become higher and higher. For this reason, the risk of experiencing irregular heart beat or heart failure will be increased.


In daily life, CKD patients had better not eat kiwi fruit and milk together, as vitamin C can combine with protein easily, in this condition, abdominal pain and diarrhea may occur.

After the above introduction, we believe you learned about whether it is ok to eat kiwi fruit. Anything unclear, please feel free to click Online Doctor! Thanks for your time!

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