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Low Potassium Diet for People with Stage 4 CKD

2014-03-22 02:24| Font Size A A A

Potassium is an important electrolyte within our body. Mostly, stage 4 CKD patients are suggested to limit the intake of potassium. Then, why and how?

In normal condition, people need to ingest 2.5g potassium every day. And the diet can supply approximately 2-4g potassium, which can completely meet the needs of our body.

Why stage 4 CKD patients need to follow a low potassium diet?

According to the statistics, about 80% of potassium can be excreted out of the body by kidneys. In stge 4 CKD, due to a decrease in GFR, more and more potassium will build up in the body, resulting in hyperkalemia.

To be honest, high potassium level can cause severe damage to the body. Such as, arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, muscle weakness, paralysis. Besides, it can also trigger acidosis.

How to follow a low potassium diet?

To prevent serious condition from happening, it is of great importance to control the dietary intake of potassium.

It should be careful for patients to eat the following foods, for example, meat, beans, and vegetables like day-lily flower, nori, laminaria japonica, pickled vegetable, spinach and so on.

It is recommended to eat less or avoid these foods, for instance, peanut, melon seeds and other nuts, Chinese date, grape, apricot, banana, cantaloupe, cherry, mango, orange, papaya, etc.

Another thing to note is low salt diet. Due to sodium restriction, some of the patients may regard low-sodium soy sauce as flavorings. However, these condiments are usually high in potassium, in this condition, hyperkalemia is more likely to occur.

Additionally, stage 4 CKD patients should take regular check-ups to monitor the potassium level, such as, blood biochemical examination and electrocardiogram examination.

If you are suffering high potassium level in stage 4 CKD, we sincerely hope you can gain a lot. For more information, you are always welcomed to leave us message Have a nice day!

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