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Can I Eat Plum with Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-03-10 23:37| Font Size A A A

Can I Eat Plum with Chronic Kidney DiseaseChronic Kidney Disease refers to a medical condition characterized by gradual loss of kidney function. To slow down its’ progression, it is necessary for patients to eat properly. Then, can people with CKD eat plum?

As a delicious fruit, plum is widely cultivated in many countries. According to the survey, it contains many substances, such as, carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, phosphorus and so on. And below are some it’s benefits:

1. Improve digestion It has been proven that plum can help stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, in this way, it can help promote digestion and increase appetite. Besides, it can also prevent constipation.

2. Prevent cardiovascular disease According to the statistics, the content of antioxidants prevent in plum is 3 times than pomegranate and 5 times than apple and banana. By eating it in moderation, it is beneficial for heart disease or cardiovascular disorder.

3. Alleviate anemia In right condition, kidneys are responsible for the production of red blood cells. However, in CKD, the diseased kidneys can not work adequately. In this case, there will be less red blood cells. Due to high content of vitamin B12, eating this fruit appropriately can help relive anemia to a certain degree.

4. Beneficial for the immune system Due to the high content of vitamin C present in plums, research has shown that it can help strengthen the immunity to a certain extent.

Except for the above benefits, this delicious fruit can also help regulate acid-base balance of the body and fight against influenza.

As can be seen from the above description, people with CKD can eat plum in moderation, as for the specific amount, it should be based on your specific condition. If you have interest in this or want to know more dietary guidelines, please leave us message to immediately.

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