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Can I Eat Peach with Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-02-28 19:58| Font Size A A A

As a common fruit, peach is enjoyed by the majority. Well, can I eat peach with chronic kidney disease? If you are interested in this, please follow me to find detailed information.

Can I Eat Peach with Chronic Kidney DiseaseAccording to the statistics, peaches are good sources of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other substances. And the healthy benefits of this fruit are mainly summarized as follows:

Alleviate anemia

In chronic kidney disease, due to a drop in kidney function, there will be less Erythropoietin, which is responsible for the production of red blood cells. Gradually, anemia will come into being. As peach is loaded with iron, eating it in moderation can help alleviate anemia to some extent.

Help treat swelling

As the disease progresses, water-sodium retention and loss of protein can lead to swelling easily, which can be found around the eyelids, feet, ankles and other parts of the body. Due to it’s low-sodium content, peach can be by CKD patients. However, suffers should not eat it without limitation, as this fruit is also rich in potassium, otherwise, the possibility of experiencing irregular heart beat will be increased. For individualized advice? Our experienced doctors will be always be here for you.

Removal of toxins

It has been proved that peach is endowed with diuretic properties. Thereby, it can be used to reduce the risk of kidney diseases. Additionally, it also assist in dissolving kidney stones.

Against heart disease

Except for the above benefits, studies have found that peach can help strengthen the heart and stimulate blood flow to your body, so it also lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Even if peach has the above benefits, peach alone is not still not enough to control chronic kidney disease. In the meanwhile, they also need to follow low-salt, low-protein, low-fat, high-fiber, etc. Any interests? Please click Diet Guidelines for People with Chronic Kidney Disease.

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