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Diet Tips on Christmas for Patients with Kidney Disease

2013-12-11 18:42| Font Size A A A

Diet Tips on Christmas for Patients with Kidney DiseaseEveryone are expecting the big festival---Christmas. On that day, families will hold a party to celebrate. Here is a thing that patients with kidney disease should consider. That is the diet. Now please follow me to get the diet tips on Christmas for patients with kidney disease.

Tip 1. Patients with kidney disease should follow a low-protein diet. You can not eat foods without limitation on Christmas party. Your doctor may have told you to keep a Low-protein diet. Keep on doing this on Christmas. Overmuch protein will put on strains to kidneys. However, you can consume some high-quality protein, like lean meat, milk, fish. Of course, turkey is on the list.

Tip 2. Patients with kidney disease should follow a low-sodium diet. It is good for you to eat a low-sodium diet. High sodium will increase the risk of swelling and high blood pressure, which will further damage your kidneys. So foods like soy sauce, salad dressings, cured meat and popcorns should be avoided. In addition, you’d better cook at home, it is safe and healthy.

Tip 3. Patients with kidney disease should follow a low-potassium diet. Patients with high serum potassium level should notice: high potassium food should be avoided. High potassium in blood will increase the risk of heart problem, which sometimes is life-threatening. Therefore, you should eat less bananas, baked potatoes, yogurt and avocados and so on. For more limited foods, you can consult the online doctor for free.

Tip 4. Patients with kidney disease should drink less. You must want to have a few drinks with your families and friends. But do not forget that you are accompanied by kidney disease. For good of your kidneys, you should limit drinks on Christmas.

There is no need to worry that the kidney disease will ruin your Christmas. Keep these diet tips in mind and you can have a wonderful Christmas! If you have further quwstions or worries, welcome to send me an email to, I am glad to help you!

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