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Is Alma Safe for kidney stone Patients

2013-12-04 13:51| Font Size A A A

Is Alma Safe for kidney stone PatientsAlma, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a popular fruit considering its rich nutritions. While is alma sage for kidney stone patients?

Firstly, let’s talk about the benefits of alma for kidney stone patients.

A. Alma can improve immunity of kidney stone patients.

Taking amla regularly can help improve the immunity so as to fight against inflammation and infection. It also plays an important role in preventing cold, fever, insomnia, and vomiting.

B. Alma can help reduce blood sugar.

It is reported that excessive sugar in blood can increase the risk of kidney stone. Alma is just the fruit that can reduce blood sugar and lower the risk of kidney stone.

C. Alma is a natural diuretic.

Alma can help improve the function of urinary system. It is a natural diuretic and it can increase urine output, which can help discharge the small stone.

D. Alma contains large amounts of vitamin C.

Alma is the potent source of vitamin C, which have a great function of antioxidant. It can protect the kidney cells from being attacked by free radicals. It is reported that the antioxidant function of alma is 17 times of pomegranate, 29 times of blueberry and 197 times of banana.

It is also found that alma is the fruit that can maintain the longest nutrition effect after entering human body. Regular intake of alma have a good effect on maintain cardiovascular and liver health.

Is alma safe for kidney stone patients?

Now that alma has so many benefits, does it mean the more, the better? Of course not. Overmuch intake of alma can lead to diarrhea, burning sensation during urination. Excessive alma cannot help treat kidney stone, on the contrary, it can lead to the formation of kidney stone.

It is safe for kidney stone patients to consume proper amount of alma. So you are recommended to ask your doctor for how much alma you should consume everyday. Or you can consult the online doctor for the correct amount of alma to keep your health in condition.

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