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Foods to Avoid with High Creatinine Levels in Stage 4 kidney disease

2013-11-28 15:43| Font Size A A A

Foods to Avoid with High Creatinine Levels in Stage 4 kidney diseasePatients with stage 4 kidney disease suffer from severe damage of kidney function. High creatinine levels is a result of kidney dysfunction. Patients should manage a proper diet to reduce the damage of kidney function and the deterioration of illness condition. The followings are the foods to avoid with high creatinine levels in stage 4 kidney disease.

High-protein foods.

Patients with high creatinine level should avoid foods that are high in protein. As we all know that protein can provide us enough nutritions and at the meantime, it will also produce waste products. These waste products should be filtered out by kidneys. There is already kidney damage with stage 4 kidney disease, high-protein foods will further increase the damage to kidneys. high-protein foods are not advised but high-quality protein foods are available, such as fish, milk, lean meat and egg white.

High-sodium foods.

Patients with high creatinine levels should avoid foods that are high in sodium. High-sodium will increase the risk of high blood pressure, which is the cause damage to kidneys. High-sodium is also an inducement of swelling. Extra sodium in blood will cause water-sodium retention, which can lead to swelling. So high-sodium foods should be avoided, such as pickled foods, fast foods, restaurant foods and processed foods.

High-potassium foods.

Because of the loss of kidney function in stage 4 kidney disease, extra potassium cannot be filtered out. The accumulation of potassium will lead to high potassium level in blood. If you are attacked by high potassium level, you are suggested to avoid high-potassium foods. The recommended amount of potassium that you are allowed to consume is 2000-3000 mg per day. High-potassium foods includes banana, apple, grapes, tomato, spinach, potato, corn and so on. If you want to know more, you can ask the online doctor!

The foods to avoid with high creatinine level in stage 4 kidney disease are not exact for everyone. Different conditions requires different diets. So you should ask your doctor for a proper diet or you can send your test report to, the kidney expert will make you a detailed food lists based on your condition.

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