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Is Bitter Gourd Good for Patients with Kidney Disease

2013-11-19 12:04| Font Size A A A

Is Bitter Gourd Good for Patients with Kidney DiseaseBitter gourd is a nutrient-rich vegetable. It is not only a food material but also of great medical value. But is bitter gourd good for patients with kidney disease?

Bitter gourd may be added to the diet to some patients with kidney disease because it has a positive effect on the following aspects:

It can help lower blood sugar.

Some patients with kidney disease may have severe primary disease, such as diabetes. The blood sugar will be elevated with diabetes. High level of blood sugar do harm to the nerve endings, which will bring a lot of discomforts to your body.

The fresh bitter gourd juice contain a rich charantin that is similar to insulin. It has a good effect on lowering the blood sugar. It is an ideal food to patients with diabetes.

It can help improve the immunity.

Bitter gourd contains rich vitamins, especially vitamin C, which helps a lot in improving immunity. It can enhance the ability of immune cells and the ability to fight against the harmful substance.

It can help enhance appetite.

Some patients with kidney disease may suffer from poor appetite because of the accumulation of the toxins in blood. The charantin and bitter principle in bitter gourd can help enhance appetite. What’s more, bitter gourd is a natural diuretic. Some patients may have a little urine. Eating bitter gourd can help increase urine output.

Though bitter gourd has such good effect on kidney disease, it is not mean that every patient with kidney disease can consume and with no limits. Some patients are not suggested to eat bitter gourd. Whether you are allowed to eat bitter gourd depends on your illness condition. You can send your medical report to, the kidney doctor will send you some suggestions to you according to your condition.

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