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Stage 5 CKD : Can Mangosteen Help Improve Kidney Function

2013-11-18 11:36| Font Size A A A

Stage 5 CKD : Can Mangosteen Help Improve Kidney FunctionPatients with stage 5 CKD often have entered into kidney failure. The remaining kidney function is below 15%. So it is important to protect the residual kidney function and prevent further kidney damage. Patients with stage 5 CKD should pay more attention to the diet. They are often have some food limits. Is mangosteen allowed to stage 5 CKD? Can mangosteen help improve kidney function?

Benefits of mangosteen to stage 5 CKD.

It is a natural diuretic.

Some patients with stage 5 CKD may suffer from oliguria. Mangosteen is considered as a natural diuretic and it can help patients with stage 5 CKD increase urine output.

It can enhance the health of immune system.

Mangosteen is rich in antioxidants, especially the xanthone, which can prevent the kidney cells from being intruded. It can also promote metabolism and enhance the health of immune system.

It can help fight against inflammation.

It is reported that mangosteen has a good effect on anti-inflammation. Some kidney damages are caused by inflammation because of the intrusion of the external harmful substance. Mangosteen can help reduce inflammation and delay the progression of kidney damage.

Can mangosteen help improve kidney function?

Mangosteen can help relieve some symptoms and reduce the damage and progression of kidney damage. Though mangosteen has such benefits, it has no effect on improving kidney function. Improving kidney function should rely on the treatments, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine, Immunotherapy. If you want to know more about these treatments, you can contact the online doctor.

Disbenefits of mangosteen to stage 5 CKD.

Not all patients with stage 5 CKD are advised to eat mangosteen. Those who have high serum potassium level should avoid mangosteen because mangosteen contains much potassium.

Patients who are troubled by diabetes should eat less mangosteen for it is rich in sugar.

Whether you are allowed to eat mangosteen depends on your own illness condition. You are welcomed to send an email to to get more information about the diet and treatment for stage 5 CKD.

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