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Food Lists for End-Stage Kidney Failure on Dialysis

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Food Lists for End-Stage Kidney Failure on DialysisFor patients with kidney disease, there are some foods limits to protect the residual kidney function and so as to end-stage kidney failure. For those who are on dialysis, the diet should be more careful. Here are the food lists for patients of end-stage kidney failure on dialysis.

Foods with low-sodium.

patients with end-stage kidney failure should avoid follow those foods that are low in sodium no matter they are on dialysis or not. For those who are on dialysis, low-sodium foods is especially needed. Swelling is a common symptom of kidney disease. High-sodium can increase the risk of sodium-water retention, which will worsen swelling. Low-sodium foods can help control high blood pressure, which will worsen the illness condition. So patients with kidney failure and on dialysis should avoid processed foods, restaurant foods, fast foods.

Foods with high-quality protein.

Protein is the necessary nutrition to our body. But for patients with kidney disease, they should pay attention to the amount of protein intake. For patients who are not on dialysis, low-protein food is required to reduce the burden of kidneys. But for patients who are on dialysis, they should add the amount of protein moderately to replenish the protein that are lost in dialysis. High-quality protein is important to supply enough amino-acid to our body and meanwhile it produces less waste products. Therefore, patients on dialysis are suggested to consume egg white, fisk, lean meat and milk.

Foods with low-potassium.

Patients with end-stage kidney failure who are on dialysis should consume foods with low-potassium if the potassium level is high in the test report. The following foods are high in potassium and patients should avoid. Spinach, potato, eggplant, cucumber, banana, apple, grape, watermelon, corn, kelp and so on.

Actually, the food lists for end-stage kidney failure on dialysis are different from people to people. The patients should consult their doctor for the correct food lists or they can send their test report to, the kidney expert will give you a diet lists according to the test report. You can also get the food lists by leaving a message below!

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