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Can You Have Celery with Kidney Disease

2013-11-10 10:00| Font Size A A A

Can You Have Celery with Kidney DiseaseCelery is a favorable vegetable because of its nutritious value. It can provide our body much essential nutritions and it is beneficial to our health. But for patients with kidney disease, there are many food limits. Can you have celery with kidney disease?

As a matter of fact, celery is safe and good for the healthy people, but patients with kidney disease should pay more attention to it. Whether you can have celery with kidney disease or not depends on your own conditions.

The disbenefits of celery to patients with kidney disease.

As we all know that celery is rich in potassium, which may be harmful to the health of patients with kidney disease. When disease attacks kidney, the kidney function will be affected. Kidneys will loss their ability to keep balance of electrolyte and this will result in high level of potassium in the blood. So celery will increase potassium in blood and cause more kidney damage. If you have high level of serum potassium, you are not advised to eat celery.

The benefits of celery to patients with kidney disease.

a. Celery can help lower high blood pressure. Many patients with kidney disease are attacked by high blood pressure, which will increase the damage to kidney. Celery is the first choice to help treat high blood pressure and its complications.

b. Celery can help reduce swelling. Because of kidney damage, kidneys cannot well filtrate sodium and fluids, leading to sodium-fluids retention. Some ingredients in celery are diuretic. It is helpful to reduce swelling.

c. Celery can help reduce blood sugar. Some patients with kidney disease often have high level of blood sugar, especially those with diabetes kidney disease. Some effective components can help reduce blood sugar in our body.

d. Celery is rich in vitamin and carotene, which are helpful to prevent malnutrition.

In general, celery is good but not for every. If you are patients with kidney disease, you must have a good talk with your doctor and be familiar with your illness condition. You can ask your doctor that can you have celery with kidney disease or you can send your medical report to, the kidney doctor will give you a detailed information according to your illness condition.

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