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Can Patients Eat Eggs with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

2013-11-05 15:40| Font Size A A A

Can Patients Eat Eggs with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney DiseaseEggs are considered to be the nutritious foods. The nutritions they contain can give our body more energy. But many patients doubt that are they good for stage 3 chronic kidney disease? Can patients eat eggs with stage 3 chronic kidney disease?

Protein in eggs.

Eggs are marked by containing rich protein. Protein is necessary to the health of our body. With inadequate protein, you may feel lack of energy and you have more possibility to develop diseases. Eggs not only contain abundant protein, they contain high-quality protein. What is high-quality protein? High-quality protein cannot only supply enough nutritions to our body, they can also produce less waste product after breaking down.

Eggs for patients with stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

Stage 3 chronic kidney disease is characterized by moderately kidney damage and moderately reduction of kidney function. Whereas, kidneys are the main organs to filtrate the waste product in blood. With the reduced kidney function, the waste products cannot be fully removed. So high-quality protein is recommended for patients with stage 3 chronic kidney disease to lower the burden of kidneys.

From that we can see that patients can eat eggs with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. But what you should know is that only egg white is recommended because egg yolk contains much cholesterol, which will increase the burden of kidney and cause more damage to kidneys.

Are the more eggs, the better?

Some patiens may think that Since eggs are good for patients with stage 3 chronic kidney disease, I should take more eggs. Is that right? Of course not. Eggs are good, but it does not mean the more, the better. There are protein limit for patients with chronic kidney disease. The recommended protein intake every day is 0.75g per kilogram of every body weight for patients with stage 3 kidney disease. You are suggested to consult the online doctor for the correct amount of eggs for your condition and it is for free charge.

Patients can eat eggs with stage 3 chronic kidney disease, but eggs are not the only source of high-protein. If you want to know more available food for chronic kidney disease, you can send an email to or leave a message below!

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