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Can Patients with Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease Drink Beer

2013-10-10 10:51| Font Size A A A

Can Patients with Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease Drink BeerAs we all know that moderate beer is beneficial to the health of our body. But too much beer is harmful even to the completely healthy people.Can patients with stage 2 chronic kidney disease drink beer?

It is a terrible thing for people who loves to drink to cut our drinking, even if for those with chronic kidney disease. We know that moderate beer can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Sometimes, it can also relieve some uncomfortable feelings like stress, anxiety.

But for patients with stage 2 chronic kidney disease, you should pay more attention to drinking. One of the kidney function is to balance the volume of fluid in our body. The kidney function is mildly decreased with stage 2 chronic kidney disease. Too much beer will increase the disorder of kidney function.

Besides, if you are experiencing high blood pressure, which is the high risk of kidney disease, drinking beer is not allowed. It will increase the risk of high blood pressure and worsens the condition. If you are taking medicine to control high blood pressure, drinking beer can also affect the pesticide effect, leaving the high blood pressure uncontrolled.

If you are not confused by high blood pressure, moderate drinking is allowed for patients with stage 2 chronic kidney disease. But you are suggested to check up with your doctor if you are suitable to drink beer and to consult the proper type and amount of the beer.

If you are with diabetes, you are allowed to drink beer only when your blood sugar level is under control. Do remember that you cannot drink with empty stomach for it will decrease the blood sugar level with diabetes. You should also consult a dietitian for a proper meal for drinking and for your illness condition.

Can patients with stage 2 chronic kidney disease drink beer? Yes, it is allowed in some circumstances but you should control it well. It is necessary to cooperate with your doctor and dietitian. You can also consult the online doctors for some suggestions for free.

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