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Adjuvant Therapies for Chronic Kidney Disease

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Adjuvant Therapies, Chronic Kidney DiseaseHave you received passive treatments dumbly from hospital all the time? Actually, there are more endeavors you can provide to delay the progress of Chronic Kidney Disease. Only through simple Adjuvant Therapies can you gain unexpected harvest.

It is well-known that Chronic Kidney Disease is a kind of high pathogenetic and high lethal disease which is refractory and protracted with its numerous symptoms and complications. Patients who suffer from it are unavoidable to search for healthcare including Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine, however, the effect is not ideal. In fact, we should look for any medicable adjuvant therapies from different aspects in order to cooperate with medical treatments effectively. (More detailed clinical treatments please consult our online-doctor.)

Control diet structure:

Scientific diet structure is the important measure of adjuvant therapies for Chronic Kidney Disease, which is able to ease symptoms, reduce injury and improve living quality.

1.limit protein intake

In general, 0.6kg protein per day can basically satisfy body's physiological needs while 30-36g of protein every day is enough for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Compared with high quality protein, plant protein has too many non-essential amino acids which would strengthen proteinuria rether than nutrition supply.

2.high calorie intake

125.6J/kg calories are needed a day to supply enough heat to human body, which reduces proteolysis, relieves azotemia and makes full use of amino acid from low protein diet.

3.high vitamin intake

Patients should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables which are abundant in vitaminB and vitaminC, such as tomato, orange and leek.

Moderate exercise:

Taking part in aerobics is one of the beneficial methods of adjuvant therapies, which can help to eliminate needless acidoid, thus slowing down the progress of Chronic Kidney Disease.


Healthy lifestyle is also a part of adjuvant therapies for Chronic Kidney disease, which includes regular daily routine and good mood. Besides, patients should give up smoking and drinking.

The article above mainly talks about the adjuvant therapies for Chronic Kidney disease. However, they can not take the place of regular medical treatments. So if you want to know more about the natural treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease, please leave us a message or talk to our online service for free.

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