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Should You Eat More Meat or Less with Kidney Disease

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Should You Eat More Meat or Less
Should you eat more meat or less? There are two view of points. One is to supplement meat, the other is to eat less meat to reduce protein leakage. Which kind of opinion is right? In fact, neither is right. Eating less meat causes relapse easily, while eating more meat can put extra stress on kidneys. Then what should you do?

The criterion to determine whether you can eat meat or not depends on your plasma albumin.

Yesterday one patient consulted me: “my urine protein was 2+. Can I eat more meat?” whether you eat meat or not, it depends on your plasma albumin. When its normal range is 40-55 in China. When it is lower than 30, it is hypoproteinemia. That is to say, protein in your blood is less, thereby you need to supplement protein. In such a case, you should consume meat and eggs moderately.

What will happen if you do not eat meat?

Hypoproteinemia can cause a series of problems.

1. Swelling

We all know that proteinuria can cause swelling. Actually it is urine protein that causes hypoproteinemia, and hypoproteinemia causes swelling.

2. Acute kidney failure

When plasma albumin is less than 20, it is likely for you to experience acute renal failure.

3. Decreased immunity

Plasma albumin is related to your immunity. If you want to reduce the risk of catching a cold and strengthen immunity, your plasma albumin should be kept into normal range.

In addition, when your disease develops to kidney failure, you should lower protein intake in case that it worsens azotemia and damages kidneys.

Should you eat more meat or less? Now you have a clear mind. If you would like to know more information on kidney disease, please leave a message below or consult online doctor directly. We are a kidney disease hospital, which has helped thousands of kidney patients every years and achieved remarkable treatment effect. Hope we can help you.

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