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Diet Knowledge You Must Know With Chronic Kidney Disease

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Diet Knowledge You Must Know With Chronic Kidney DiseaseDiet plays an important role in treating chronic kidney diseases, a well planed diet can help reduce kidney burden or even slow down the progression of CKD. So all the patients should know the diet knowledge and follow a good diet principles. In this article, you can learn diet for CKD.

For all the CKD patients, you should follow a good diet principles, including low salt, low fat, low phosphorus, low potassium, high quality protein and high vitamin diet. Let’s explain to you in details.

1. Low salt and low fat

For CKD patients, you should limit salt intake daily, which is about 3 g/day. Especially for patients with swelling and high blood pressure, you should limit salt intake strictly, because high salt diet can worsen the symptoms and increase kidney burden.

2. Low phosphorus diet

In general, fruits and vegetables are low in phosphorus, but meat is high in phosphorus, and the high phosphorus diet can cause some severe complications, such as skin itching, electrolyte disturbances, etc. So patients should avoid foods high in phosphorus.

3. Low potassium diet

CKD patients may also get high potassium level in blood due to kidney damage, and the high potassium level can cause some severe side effects, such as irregular heart beat, heart failure, or even sudden death. So patients should avoid the foods high in potassium.

4. High quality protein

Due to the protein in urine and swelling, CKD patients should also limit protein intake. They are usually suggested to take high quality protein, such as milk, egg whites, lean meat, fish, etc. The high quality protein can reduce kidney burden and protect the kidneys from further damage.

5. High vitamin intake

Long term of CKD can lead to anemia, supplying enough vitamin C can increase the absorption of iron, which can improve anemia. So CKD patients are suggested to take more fresh fruits and vegetables to supply enough vitamins and improve their disease.

Above are the diet knowledge for chronic kidney disease patients, all of you should know it well and make a well planed diet chart. If you want to get an individual diet for your own case, you can send your test reports to, or contact with whatsapp +8613633219293, we can give more help.

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